Olga Kozmanidze


Olga Kozmanidze is a Russian-born and Berlin-based cross-disciplinary artist with background in performance, music and sound art. Olga acquired her basic education at an art school in Russia where she studied piano and music theory among other. Later she got a degree in law and had been working as a project manager and business development executive of her own advertising agency. In 2014 she decided to exit her business and to dedicate all her time to music and arts. In order to update her knowledge and skills she enrolled at "Experimental music and multimedia technology" program in Moscow SA))studio, an informal successor of Moscow Theremin Centre. Later she deepen her performative practice and research by studying performance art at Moscow Pyr FYR School at Solyanka State Gallery and voice movement integration at "VMI Centre", Amsterdam. She regularly practices and attends various classes and workshops, including Gaga dance, Feldenkrais, contact improvisation, Estill Voice training, contemporary dance, puppetry, authentic movement among others.
Olga is interested in body-based and social practices that allow interaction with the "other", be it an object, a music instrument, a person or a group. Inspired by a paradigmatic shift from substantialist to a processual concept of the body, she creates environments for emerging relations with the "other". Olga explores such relations by means of her major medium - performing body, a body that both enacts the "other" and mutates as a response. The experience arises in mutual co-dependence and unfolds in a playful way seeking for an unpredictable and unknown. The processuality becomes frame and context for bodies resonating one with another in moving and perceiving, initiating and receiving, sounding and listening while looking for, maintaining or seizing the contact.
Olga creates works in various formats and genres including participatory performances, site-specific interventions, music performances and composition, sound installations, dance and improvisation, object theatre and puppetry, social art and initiatives for communities. As Unfinishe_ she plays, produces and releases experimental music made with prepared instruments, fields recordings, the piano, electronics, vocal and tapes.
In 2016 Olga co-founded "Sentire", a project comprising participatory performance series with interactive sound system and cross-disciplinary research on human perception bringing together artists, researchers and therapists. Within the project she is mainly responsible for conceptualising, carrying out and studying the interaction with performance participants. As a part of the collective she also initiated and have contributed to "Unfold: community for unfolding perception", an inclusive environment exploring human-computer interaction to discover, unfold, perform, hack, and connect our ineffable perception.

Took part (selected)

2018 Project Space Festival, Berlin
2018 Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Berlin
2018 Linux Audio Conference, Berlin
2018 KlangKellar festival for experimental music, Berlin
2018 CTM Vorspiel, Könnig Otto, Berlin
2017 Wärmflasche sound and performance art festival, Green House, Berlin
2017 Scope sessions, Spektrum, Berlin
2017 "Berlin International Performance Art Weekend", Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin
2016 "Satellite art show", Miami art week, USA
2016 «Archstoyanie», Nikola-Lenivetz, Russia
2016 CIPAF international performance art festival, Cyprus
2015 «Archstoyanie», Nikola-Lenivetz, Russia
2015 «Moscow Music Week» at Mars Gallery, Moscow
2015 «Prepared Wednesdays» festival for experimental music, GCCA, Moscow

2017 "Just Mad Art Fair", Madrid
2016 «10 new» at Solyanka VPA Gallery, Moscow
2016 «Zvukochto» at Graund Gallery, Moscow
2016 «Antimuseum» at Elektromuseum, Moscow
2015 «Art-dictionary: A-art, F-feminism» at NII DAR Gallery, Moscow.

2018 on, Unfold:community for unfolding perception, Berlin
2018 MAVOtech IV by Tomomi Adachi, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum, Berlin
2018 Vokale Räume by Maulwerker and Cristian Kesten, Ballhous Ost, Berlin
2018 on, "y" with Martina Marini Misterioso
2016 on, a member of MovLab Community, Spektrum, Berlin
2016 on, a co-founder in cross-disciplinary project "Sentire"

2018 Urban Arts Berlin

2017 "Just Mad Art Residency", Aviles, Spain
2016 «Break Through» performance series at the world smallest performance space, Kreativquartier, Munich
2016 New Synchronicities within CIPAF international performance art festival, Cyprus

2018 Initiative neue musik berlin e.V. (for Sentire project)
2016 STEP Beyond travel grant winner
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